Monday, September 24, 2007

Back from Seattle

Well, I'm home from my fun weekend in Seattle. It was so great to see the family and spend time, shopping, laughing, EATING, watching shows, being creative, giving and receiving gifts, and trying not to get lost in the big city!

Dinner at the melting pot was a lot of fun and as expected my tummy got VERY FULL! I ate so much this weekend. I honestly look like I'm about 5 months preggers if I let it all hang out! I only have 3 weeks until my 15 year HS reunion so I better shape up!

Honestly though, if you've never been to the melting pot, at least go and get the oreo cookie chocolate fondue. It was TO DIE FOR!

After we got home from dinner we did a craft project that my mom was in charge of. She loves to bead as a hobby and so she shared her passion with the rest of us. We all made our own bracelets and they turned out really cute.

We gave each person a charm of the Seattle Space Needle to add to their bracelets. We presented the charms to them in these tiny little purses that I made.

I designed the template for the purses on my computer. Then I printed the templates on the paper, cut them out, and assembled them.

The idea I originally saw for these purses used an oval scalloped punch. But when I went to buy it I saw that it was about $20, so being the cheapie that I am, I did the template thing and started cutting. I liked the result.

More fun times were had and more handmade gifts were given, but I'll save those for tomorrow's blog. In the meantime I'll leave you with this pic of my Nanny waiting for one of her gifts. Isn't she cute!


  1. Hi Shannon :)

    I came across your blog through the "creative blogs" website. I just started reading a few posts, and am enjoying your stories and crafty ideas. Very fun!


  2. Que grande patuscada. Se não soubesse diria que estão em Portugal!

  3. Love your craft demonstrations! And it looks like you had a delightful trip! Thanks for sharing it, what fun!


  4. I'm going to make those little purses...just for gifts cards and stuff....


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