Thursday, September 13, 2007

Getting Creative and Having Fun

Last night I went to my friend Michelle's house and we had fun hanging out while we got creative! With some acrylic paint, spray paint, pens, white out, stamps, oil get the point....we created these pieces of art work. Michelle is an amazing artist and she makes the absolute coolest clocks and gifts. Check her stuff out.

So after we were done with our art we took it one step further. We scanned it on the computer, shrank it down and turned it into a charm. This is the result of the charm I made for my daughter. Check Michelle's blog to see a charm she made a few days ago. It is so adorable.

This was a lot of fun for me. I'm so used to designing on a computer that it took me outside of my box to use paints and other supplies. FUN FUN FUN! Thanks Michelle! I had a blast!


  1. I'm glad you two had a great time together... and your charm is very cute...

  2. Thank YOU Shannon! I had a great time! Looking forward to your craft : )

    Your charms turned out great! I have another trick I just saw today at Urbino. We may have to revisit the charms soon.


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