Saturday, September 15, 2007

Birthday Archives

My family girls getaway weekend is coming soon and I've been SOOO busy with projects and planning. But like I said before I can't post anything about it until after so that it is a surprise for my family. So since many of you have enjoyed looking at the birthday parties I thought I'd post some pics from previous years.

This was Colt's 3rd birthday - Cowboy theme

Emily's 5th Birthday - Strawberry Shortcake

each girl colored thier own cup

I made a cake that looked like Strawberry Shortcakes hat and I made Emily a hat to wear to match. I just took a hat that I bought at walmart and painted it and then added the ribbon. The invites (not pictured) had little mini straw hats from the craft store that I painted and then glued to the front.

each girl made a beaded bracelet

Well, I still have projects to work on so I better get movin! Look at my countdown at the top of the page! I don't have much time.

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  1. You are the Martha Stewart of birthday parties!! Honestly, I have never seen so many amazing ideas at one site!!
    I know who to hit up for great ideas the next time one of my kid's birthdays rolls around...!!



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