Monday, September 17, 2007

You gotta love the innocence.

Today my son got a "one strap" backpack as he calls it. He has been wanting one really badly. Honestly, does a preschooler really need a backpack? But we found one for a good price and he bought it with his very own money. What a big boy. It's a little big but he said he'd grow into it and that when he was in High School it would fit him really good. So I asked if he really thinks he will still have the same backpack in HS and he says yes. Then he goes on to tell me how he will position the backpack when he is in High school and playing a game of tag. You gotta love the innocence.

When did we stop playing tag, or any of those games that we played just because there were more than three people around? It seems that life is so complex and scheduled now. Not just for me, it seems to trickle down to my kids. Even scheduling a playdate for them with a friend seems to be a monumental task at times. Simplify.

There is so much I can learn by watching my kids. Learn to play again. Learn to reach out and make friends just by asking. Learn to speak truth to people (although maybe with more tact than they do at times). Learn to change my attitude quickly. Learn to forgive easily. Learn to be moldable and changeable. Learn to learn.

You gotta love the innocence.

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  1. Good job slowing down to think about what we learn from those little seems to go so quickly and soon they'll be saying 'ah, do I have to tell my friends you're my mom?'... .:)


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