Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Hooray for School!

School is in, schedules are back and my day is filled with fewer sibling fights! Emily started 3rd grade today and Colt began his second year of preschool. We were pretty excited that Emily actually got to attend the real first day of school, because for both 1st and 2nd grade she was sick on the first day. Once with the flu and the other with chicken pox!

They are both growing up so fast. Colt's turns 5 tomorrow! Emily has gotten so big since her first day of kindergarten. Look at all these first day of school pics...

She saw this and said, "I was so little!"

Colt will wake up in the morning to a brand new bike for his birthday! He has been a bike riding fool ever since he ditched his training wheels. We've got a family party, a school party and a friend party over the next few days so I'll have details for you soon!


  1. What cuties you have. Mine started back today and let me tell you, I enjoyed the peace and quiet!!


  2. That is too bad about missing the first day a couple of years in a row! My son missed just about every birthday party he was invited to when he was five (for everything from throwing up to falling down the stairs!) and he started to think he was doomed to never go to a party!

    Glad this year was a success on the first day!

    My son had his first full day of school yesterday and that sure makes a difference in my day! My brain is actually starting to function again!

    Take care,

  3. As parents we get so worn out with flus, fussing, fighting, I lost this, cant find that and sooooo many things but as crazy as it sounds it is SOOOO SOOOO TRUE they do grow up really FAST!!!!! My oldest is 18 and I can not tell you where time has gone and he has been a real challenge for the most part. Even when they are tough it FLIES.... we really do need to cherish every single day....even the hard ones!

  4. So, I assume he is still on the 'no girls' kick for his party, huh? :) Cute kids you got there...


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