Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Cheerleading Party

I'm working on several projects right now, but I can't share them yet! I've got a ton of stuff that I'm preparing for my family's girls getaway weekend but since many of them look at my blog I can't share pics until after the event. I want it all to be a surprise for them! So since my son has been getting so much "blog time" with his birthday I thought I'd highlight my daughters birthday from a few months back before I was a blogger.

We did a cheerleading theme this year! Which I was TOTALLY excited about since I used to be a cheerleader =).....Go CHIEFS!

I made t-shirts for all the girls with their names on them. I used iron ons to do this that I printed off of my own printer. I also made ribbons for their hair. I used puffy paint and wrote thier names on the ends of the ribbon. Each girl also got their own pair of pom poms.

I used those thin foam sheets and cut out the shape of a megaphone. Each girl decorated their megaphone. Before they left I printed out the group pic and adhered it to the megaphone so that it was basically a picture frame.

To make the pennant I bought sheets of felt and cut them into triangles. I glued them to a piece of ribbon and then I used pre-cut out letters that I glued to the felt triangles to display her name.

Again I used the cupcake stand. This time I topped it off with a mini pom pom and each cupcake was topped off with a tiny meagaphone that I made out of white chocolate and had the girls individual initials on them.

On the table there were more mini pom poms and little jars of orange colored candy to match the orange theme of the day!

We have a trampoline and so I taught the girls some cheerleading jumps. I also made up a short dance to teach them, but most of them were not interested in doing that...go figure. Oh well, I still gave them the cd of the song I had made the dance up to. (rockin' robin)

It was fun! And I never realized how much my daughter looks like me until I saw this picture!


  1. Oh, you are just the best party thrower! You should be a kid's party planner (you aren't one, are you?)! What a fun event that must've been for the girls!

    You and your daughter do look alike, both cuties!

  2. Umm, Shannon...have you ever thought of going into business??!! Because you should!!! You are incredibly talented and your house is looking gorgeous in those pics!

    Thanks for the link to that wall decor site. I wonder if they ship tp Canada?


  3. My goodness, you are impressive. You have definitely been blessed with a gift! The great thing is that you use your gift often to bless others!

  4. Well, she aint a cow-girl but she does make a cute cheer leader! :)

    In all of these pics she has that look of 'come on Mom, enough with the camera' on her face...funny...

  5. Cute party theme! The girls look like they had tons of fun!

    Kim @ http://frostmeblog.blogspot.com

  6. Go team! Absolutely fantastic idea to include personalized T-shirts. And of course, the matching orange ribbons are essential to a Cheerleader's Party. The party squad looked terrific.


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