Tuesday, September 4, 2007

Teacher Gifts

I have previously posted some pics of an altered tin can craft. I took that idea and turned it into a teacher gift. My friend Beckie gave me the idea to use a tin can that had a pull tab top. I used the safe edge can opener and opened the can from the bottom. That way the pull tab top stays in tact. I filled the can with candy and then super glued the bottom back on. Then we were ready to decorate the cans. I gave the kids total control of the decorating....which is really hard for me! I have a pic in my mind of how it should be and of course the kids do it differently. But I excercised my "good mommy" skills and let them have at it!

When we give them to the teachers they get to open the pull top and discover the candy surprise inside!


  1. Very good idea...I think I'll do this with my nephews for their teachers...Isaiah is here for the day and goes back to school tomorrow...thanks...

  2. I LOVE THEM! And so easy, even i could do it, especially since I have all the supplies at home and the right can opener....now I just need to ge those peaches eaten so I can use the cans. I'll post pics :>)

  3. Im waiting for the pictures of Emily's new hair cut.


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