Saturday, September 8, 2007

Party...Good - Mom...Tired!

Gotta love those pirate teeth. They just do so much for a person! Ok, I'm totally exhausted, so I'm not going to type much.....Here are pics from Colt's Birthday party with all his little pirate buddies! We played pin the patch on the pirate (a life size pic of Colt), we had a cannon ball fight (wadded up pieces of black construction paper), and we had a treasure hunt for all of the goodies and favors!

The Cake:

Decor Details:

The Fun:


  1. i think you could throw kids parties for a living!

  2. i agree totally with julie! you could write a book featuring different themes and ways to accessorize them. you are so creative girl! the cake is awesome, is that map on the cake edible? i can't tell from here.

  3. Thanks girls for your kind words! Yes, the map is edible. It is made out of rolled fondant and then I used food coloring gel to paint the map onto it.

  4. I agree with the first comment!! How long did it take you just in preparation??? IM IMPRESSED!!!

  5. Wow, I am really impressed. I have a seven year old son and I don't think I'd have the energy to pull that one off. You did such a creative job, your son will remember it forever! Good Mom!

  6. oooh, looks great! You did such a great job. Reminds me of the pirate one I did for my guy, but of course it was a few months shy of being able to find ANY pirate garb available. I even made the cake.....not as pretty as yours and it ended up looking like a ship wreck......but it was so good.


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