Wednesday, October 31, 2007

When the hubby is away?

My hubby was gone hunting. While he was gone I was pretty much a slob. I tend to be more like a" typical guy"....when my spouse is gone the house gets messier and messier and then the day before they get home I clean up in a frenzie! My dad modeled this so well for me growing up that I do it so well now! (Thanks Dad! I love you!) Not only is my house a mess, but my kids and I ate frozen, boxed or canned foods all week long. (pizza, spaghetti-os, mac-n-cheese, etc)

What about you? Do you clean as you go when your hubby is away? Or do you wait until the end like me?


  1. This is a very timely post! My hubby just got back from a 4-day business trip, and although I really miss him while he's gone...I don't miss the mess he creates. I love a tidy calms me. So, because he is so messy, when he is gone, my house just stays tidy, with the exception of my youngest son. They are both the household slobs, so with the biggest one away, I have a lovely, tidy home!!

    Literally, the minute he got home today, he dropped everything at his feet!! Grrr...!!!

  2. I always wait until the last minute! Actually, I do that every day...not just when he's gone. When he gets home from work he says "what did you do today?" The dishes, laundry, dusted, the floors, bathrooms and took the kids to the park. I never bother to mention that that all took place between 4-5pm. But really, I'm so lucky that my husband does not care what our house looks like or what food is on the table.

  3. I am with Lee Ann. I just do a quick sweep through the house about 15 minutes before Tim comes home. And when he is out of town my entire studio supplies are strewn all over the house. Then before he comes home...the Queen of Clean makes an appearance and he never knew the better.

  4. I'm kind of a clean freak for the most part. Although, it does seem easier when he's gone to keep things up. What I usually do though is some kind of project or paint a wall. Just something to surprise him when he comes home.

    Honestly, I can't remember the last time he left for several days! But, he and Alexis are planning to go to Nicaragua in Jan. on the mission trip! I'm so excited for them!

    Sorry I'm just writing a whole letter here!
    : )

  5. definitely wait until the end...kind of like I do every day like LeeAnn, except there are days in between!


  6. I wait for the cleaning lady...hey I'm pregnant. When I am not I clean right when he leaves so it is clean while he is gone and then straighten up before he comes home. He got a four pointer buck on the second day this year so it was a short trip.


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