Thursday, October 4, 2007

Thanksgiving Dinner......Hosted by your KIDS!

I suppose you COULD go as far as to have your kids fix the dinners or something....but that's not what I'm talking about.

Last year I decided to have my kids host thanksgiving dinner. Together we made invitations and sent them out to the family. We also worked together and made placemats, placecards, and napkin rings. The placemats and napkin rings were made with the intention of using them for as many years as they last.

I kept it very simple. I bought some heavy corduroy fabric and cut it into squares. Then the kids help glue on silk leaves and ribbon that I bought at the craft store.

Then we all worked together and made napkin rings. They were simple rings made of wire and beads. These should last for many years.

Of course you could go "fancy" and use nice plates and everything

But this is where naming your KIDS the host gives you an advantage.....
We used charger plates to keep it fancy looking, but on the charger plates we used paper plates. You can totally get away with that when kids are the hosts! And HELLO...clean up was a snap!

I'm excited to pull these items out and use them again this year. The kids were so proud last year and everybody just raved about the beautiful table.

I just wanted to encourage you to get your kids involved in hosting family events. It's fun to watch them take ownership and to see the beaming smile on their faces when they get all the compliments.


  1. I LOVE it. Just the other night we had a couple of relatives over for dessert and Anna decorated everything for a princess party. It was very cute.

    Fortunately my inlaws are in their new house this year so I don't think I'll have to host Thanksgiving for MANY years. Yippeee! It's just not my thing.

  2. I will have to do that. Isaac will have to host Thanksgiving this year :-)which menas I can get away with doing nothing!

  3. I like the paper plate idea! Hey, I have those other plates.......are they from Pottery Barn? If so....aren't they big!
    So sad for you friends little guy. Sending healing thoughts his way.


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