Sunday, October 21, 2007

One more thing I know FOR SURE!!!

I look better as a brunette (which I am naturally) ...........

.......than I do as a blonde

Don't let the extra weight fool you! It's definitely the blonde hair that looks so much worse!

Oh my gosh I just came across this pic! This was in spring of 2005 when my hubby and I went to cancun together and I got a wild hair to become a blonde. Hello! You DON'T do that in MEXICO! I looked this way for 1 day and the next day I was a brunette again!


  1. Amen to that. SCAAAARY!..I figured it out I liked the banner with your picture on it better.

  2. omgoodness! the blond aged you, makes you look like you're 30 instead of 25!

    i kind of agree with becky on the other blog banner. i'm sorry, i hate it when people tell me things like this.

    love you girl!
    ps thanks for the comments! glad i can make you happy with my frequent blogging. : )

  3. ahhh! mexico - wasn't that such a beautiful trip. i want to go back - i can hear jimmy buffet now!

  4. Shannon, your just a cutie no matter what.Would have been nice to really know you as a friend and not just as Kim's sister.Well I don't know Kim is a lot of work so that could have been double trouble.Hee Hee!!

  5. I never saw the actual blondeness... you were so quick to get it fixed.... it wasn't even blonde... more like orange pinkish.

  6. btw... that brunette pic is smokin' HOT!

  7. You're a perfect fact, I think you look quite a bit like Shania Twain...and that is a huge compliment in my eyes!!!


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