Monday, October 22, 2007

Fun with Design

So as many of you noticed I recently re-designed my blog. I've taken one class in HTML coding and it gave me enough info to figure out how to alter some of bloggers existing templates.

I love being creative and designing stuff like this. So I re-designed a couple of blogs for my friends. Check them out:
Michele at Woodland Countrylife and Beckie at Infarrantly Creative

I created the headers too.


  1. I noticed right away that you had done theirs too! I think they all look great!

  2. Michelle's looks fine, i don't see anything unusual.

  3. I think your designs are great. Anytime you want a challenge have at mine ;-) It can use a creative touch.

  4. Shannon- kim said you got a new camera recently. What kind is it and do you like it? Mine has too much lag on actually taking the picture so I really want to upgrade.

  5. I love it!! That is awesome. Thanks Shannon.


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