Friday, October 26, 2007

Wow! A birthday party like I've never seen before!

I've heard that kids parties like this existed. But I've never been to one and I've never seen detailed pics from one either. (except celebrity babies in the tabloids)
To see the most amazing, elaborate, and over the top Mary Poppin's theme birthday party you've ever seen... follow this link.

This party was thrown by Risa from The Partea Planner. I love to look through her pics for ideas!


  1. Ok seriously....that is WAY over the top for a kid's party. You would have to be butt rich to pull that off.

  2. Quite frankly that sickens me! All that for just one day. There just seems to be a lot better way to use your resources than that. Then again, you've all seen pics of my childs birthday so you know I obviously don't think parties are that big of a deal. Anyway....

  3. doesnt "sicken" me but I do think it is WAY over the top!! I do get into birthday parties and think they should be WAY special but I think you can do that without spending a fortune and I can tell by this party it probably cost more than my car! To have that kind of party you must have just way too much money and maybe your priorities are a bit askew.
    I know a couple millionaires who's kids birthday parties werent even that big and the kids had a BLAST.

  4. I stop by her blog every once in a while just to see all of her amazingly creative ideas!


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