Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Delivering the blessings from all of YOU

Today I got to go to the hospital and visit Luke. I took the stars that I had and the booklet filled with all the prayers I had received as of 10:45 am this morning.

As I showed Luke how many pages (6 so far) of stars there were and how many people were praying for him his eyes just got big, his face smiled and I think he was a little embarrassed even. It was really sweet.

The family felt really blessed and overwhelmed. Vikki didn't read through any of the prayers at that time, as she says she likes to do stuff like that at night when Luke is sleeping.

Vikki said that today was a good day for Luke. He looked just great and it was good to watch him smile and play games.

I had an eye opening experience while I was at Doernbecher today. I didn't really realize that people come from all over the country to be treated there. There is one lady who has a 3 year old with a rare cancer in Doernbecher and an infant at home. They live in North Dakota I think. She comes for a month to stay with her daughter and then goes home and grandma comes to stay for a month. Can you imagine? So many kids and families are there without friends and family all around because their friends and family are half way across the country.

What a blessing for the Jensen family to be here near this wonderful facility and to be able to have friends and family dropping by all the time.

The Jensens have started journaling about Luke's battle with Leukemia on a caring bridge website that they have set up. You can visit their site by clicking here. Once you are there you can subscribe to be updated when they post journal entries.


  1. That's awesome ...I wonder what can be done to comfort or give company to those kids/families staying you know if anyone is welcome to just come with their kids and spend time with strangers? Or for the kids to play with the other kids staying there...? Maybe that's something you could find out and post on your blog after you visit next so anyone who reads it and wants to do something about it will have an open opportunity..
    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Shannon, I think if people were interested in helping at Doernbecher it would be a good idea to contact Children's Cancer Association. Their website is They are doing a lot of great things in the local area and the country to help affected families.

  3. makes me cry. Its so hard to even think about your child being sick and being close to home, let alone away from home. What incredible strength parents are able to manage for the sake of their kids. I just don't know how people do it with out the Lord.

  4. Shannon,
    Are you in Portland? Sorry for not knowing this, if you are, I talk to so many folks I might've missed this fact or forgotten it. That happens when you turn 40.

    We are still praying for Luke. Bless his heart, what a trooper he is. Thanks for sharing the pictures and keeping us posted.


  5. I am Trisha Hulls' mother. I have forwarded this request to everyone I know. When our daughter had breast cancer, we discovered people in Europe were even praying for her recovery. Luke, your prayer will go around the world and be heard by our very loving Creator.

  6. Okay, kind of funny that my own mom spelled my name wrong!
    call me Tricia or call me Trish, but Trisha I am not ;-)


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