Friday, October 5, 2007



I'm so excited because tonight I'm going to my old High School's Homecoming game!!! I absolutely love watching these games and I love the "smell" of football (wet dirty grass). The band, the cheerleaders (I was a cheerleader and a coach), the crowd, the queen! All I can say is THEY BETTER WIN! GO CHIEFS!!!

I've got my yellow coat, my purple scarf, and the blankets are in the car. My sweet hubby loves me enough to actually go with me...and go early so we get good seats! What a guy! I'm meeting a friend there who is a River Alum too. Should be fun! I can't wait to critique the cheerleaders and to hear that fight song and war dance. (I actually remember some of the dances that go to the songs because I coached for 5 years after I cheered!)

Ok, enough dorkiness! Hope it doesn't rain!

GO CHIEFS.....did I mention I'm nostalgic and loyal (read my profile)
Wow, this weekend is Homecoming and next weekend is my 15 year reunion! Good times.


  1. Yes you are a dork...but not as dorky as a factory tour junkie.

  2. ahhh, wet grass. i miss it. from one dork to another,


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