Wednesday, September 3, 2008

school begins....

quick little update: My daughter started school today. 4th grade. Can't believe it. My son starts kindergarten tomorrow. That I can believe. He is soooo ready! I will post pics tomorrow when I've got his shots too! It's a big week for him. First day of school on Thursday and then his b-day on Saturday. No big huge party this year. No time. We just invited some of his friends to meet us at a local school and to bring their bikes. He wants to race and have an obstacle course. Any ideas out there for the obstacle course????


  1. Yeahhhh! I can't wait to see pictures!

  2. Hi Shannon, I found you via fellow SITSta Heather. I share your obsession, only mine is for the number 4!

    Hope your son loved school, I am an Elementary secretary in Okieland

  3. Happy first week of school to you! I'm sitting here in my QUIET house just kind of marveling at the fact that ALL 3 of my kids are at school. (Abby, our youngest, is just in Pre-K three mornings a week....but hey, that counts!) Hard to believe this is my new reality (at least M/W/F mornings!) Enjoy!

    Sarah :)

  4. Ha! I'm waiting too! It's not like you just moved, have a family, and are up to your eyeballs in blog designs!


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