Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Day 3 of Captivity.....

I'm still here. And I think I might be getting a fumes headache!
I'm no longer the only thing being held kitchen is being held captive too! My fridge is not accessible today. All that I have available is my pantry...which only seems to contain things like vanilla wafers and fruit snacks. Obviously it has other things like rice, pasta, etc...but I can't get to my stove either.
So, I'm here...still...and I'm HUNGRY!

You would think I could be getting a lot of stuff done, but not really. The fumes are way too bad out in the main part of the house. So, again, I'm trapped in my office. Which means I can get work done, but the headache and the computer screen aren't mixing well for me!

So, let's take a look to the brighter side of life shall we! I need to stop complaining! So...How about 8 great things about my life!

1. I have a hubby who truly does love me and cherishes me!

2. I have two children who by nature are good, sweet, and loving!

3. I am blessed to have two parents who are still married and have modeled what it means to stick it out through the tough times.

4. I am blessed to have an amazing church family and community of believers in my life.

5. I am blessed by all that God has provided for our family.

6. I'm thankful for my extended family and looking forward to my "Nannual Girls Getaway Weekend" next week (Nantucket Here I come!!)

7. My kids are both in classes with teachers who they really like and seem to be a great fit!

8. I am loved by God and Saved by the death of His Son on the Cross...what can be better than that!!!!


  1. Amen to that!!

    So much to be thankful for :)
    Enjoy your girls weekend away!!

  2. good reminder to be thankful shannon... i think i need to practice that too!

  3. I needed to hear that tonight, thanks!

  4. Oh I hate that, when you're hungry and there is nothing in the house to eat! I go from cupboard to cupboard hoping something will appear that will taste good. Ok, maybe that's more of my cravings coming out. But I still hate it!

    ~Rhonda from Minnesota

  5. i am sooo sorry... we just redid our hall bathroom and we had 5 people and 1 working toilet. & 2 aunt flo's... need i say more??? it was 3 days!!!!! again, i am sooo sorry. i feel your pain. BUT it will GET BETTER. and you DO have a GRrreat attitude and that will help alot. 'sides i would rather know about mistakes now... rather than Thanksgivinfg day when you have a house full, right?!?!?!

  6. 9. I have the best sister in the whole wide world.

  7. yes, that is true....I do have the bestest sister in the whole wide world!!!

  8. 10. AND you have really great friends like me;)

  9. Good for you to look toward the brighter side. And your #8 is the greatest thing ever to be thankful for - that's what makes being held captive in your own home by people who are making it stink and starving you to death more bearable.


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