Sunday, September 21, 2008



  1. I can't wait to see this movie! We love Facing the Giants and they say this one is even better. My kids love Facing the Giants so much that it's usually the movie they pick above all others to watch - and my Tater Tot quotes lots of scenes from the movie. Sometimes he gets his sister to play the other part - but a lot of times he just does them by himself. I love that they love such a wholesome movie.

    Again - can't wait for Fireproof. it comes out the day after my birthday - but I think I'll have to wait a while before I get to see it.

  2. I haven't seen Facing the Giants but I think that what I saw on this trailer for Fireproof looks very interesting and when Joan gets back from Nantucket I'll see if she wants to go to see it. Maybe I'll rent the other one cuz it also sounds good. Dad

  3. Ok, I am hooked. I just have to see this movie now! Thanks for the preview!

    ~Rhonda from Minnesota

  4. That looks so good.

    I saw an interview with Kirk Cameron where he said that he would not kiss anyone other than his wife, even in the name of acting. So for the movie his wife came to the shooting of the kissing scene and was the stand in for the kissing. How impressive!!

    I think that this movie will be so timely for many people. I think financial crisis leads to the demise of a lot of marriages.

  5. oooooooh this looks AMAZING!!

    popped over from SITSahood...i am a newbie there and i am making the rounds getting my comment ON!!

  6. I'm glad you saw my post about this but I added a pic you'll love even more! :) I'll just say, 13th bday party. Is it un: blog pc to comment about more than one post on the same comment? Anywho...I loved your girly inspire me to do this, now just to get my family on board! :)Miss you adn love you tons!!!

    Oh yeah, Listen to the John Waller song, While I Wait...oh my!!!


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