Thursday, September 25, 2008

Fun Day in Nantucket - GGW Day 2

Well, I guess I lied about the pictures.  I was able to download them to my cousins computer.  So I will be doing updates WITH pictures!

Like I said we had a treasure hunt this morning.  The prize.....My Nanny's Freedom!  My cousin Allison had taken Nanny prisoner and we had to follow the clues and answer the questions to free her!  Here is my Nanny being held "prisoner"......

Doesn't she look "really" distressed! LOL!  It was lots of fun and .....MY team won! Wahoo!  Nanny was free!

Then we went sailing in the afternoon.  I've never been sailing and it was fun!  I didn't get sick at all...nobody did!  Here we all are on the boat just after getting back from the hour and a half trip....

My sister and I helped hoist the sail....or something like that!
This is a picture I took from the boat of the Brandt Point Lighthouse

The day was filled with fun and laughter!  We ended it at the house with a fabulous meal of freshly harpooned swordfish with this amazing mango salsa that my cousins prepared!  Then we all sat around and cried for a half hour.....why.....
because before the weekend we had all written out some of our favorite memories of our Nanny.  My cousin Allison made a beautiful scrapbook of pictures and our writings.  She presented it to my Nanny and we all read our letters out loud to her!  It was a precious moment in life where we told how much we love her and what she means to us!  She will be 86 in a few weeks!  She felt VERY loved!

Can't wait to see what tomorrow brings!  We hear it is bringing LOTS of RAIN!  I will keep you posted!


  1. what great memories you all are making together....

  2. WOw... what a wonderful time shared!

  3. love the pictures and the adventurousness of you all- glad you managed the sea w/out the sick! ... can't help but think of a lymerick whenever i think of "nantucket" though. ; )

  4. Looks like you are having a fabulous time! I love that you honored your Nanny that way. Very cool idea.


  5. You sound like you are having so much fun! I love all that family togetherness.

  6. fun fun! glad you get to post pics. praying it doesn't rain on you. can't wait to see more!.....*waiting*

  7. You guys are all so cute. Who has flips flops on? Looks a little chilly. I cried just thinking of you all reading your papers I can imagine just how touching the moment was. Please tell Kimmy she's slacking. Have a great time. Love, jen

  8. how great to honor your nanny in life! I think we too often don't honor our loved ones until they are gone. What a great trip!

  9. Oh you are making me green! With envy! What a fun time!


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