Thursday, September 25, 2008's so quaint

I'm in Nantucket!!! This year my family's Girls Getaway Weekend is being hosted by my family that has a summer home in Nantucket. Oh my goodness the house....the's picturesque! I will post tons of pictures when i get home!!
Today we did this little scavenger hunt in the neighborhood and it was lots of fun. This afternoon we are all going sailing!!! Yes, sailing! I hope I don't puke! I've never been on a sailboat! It's a weekend of firsts! I went on a little 10 passenger plane to get here...that was a first! I was super nervous (I don't like heights) and it took some intense focus, prayer and singing the praise song "you are my hiding place" over and over in my head! 15 minutes into the flight I was doing much better! Thank you God for your peace and comfort! (Um I'll take a little for the sailboat too!)

I will try to keep you updated on my trip...but no pics until I get home!


  1. i'm so jealous! can't wait to see the pictures! i can't stand those little planes!! make sure you take some dramamine on the boat!

  2. Picked the getaway category because in just two weeks, I'm going on one with a bunch of friends...

    To be on one with all the ladies in my family? That sounds so wonderful. And I love all the fun stuff you guys planned - scavengers hunts, etc. Do you do something like this every year?!? Hmm, my cousins and I have talked of getting together this summer. I will have to make sure now it happens. And maybe invite the aunts for parts of it too. And organize matching outfits so we can have a wonderful keepsake portrait! And...


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