Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Tarantula Update....feeling a little better!

Val from team one saw the comment I left and came to my blog to reassure me not to worry. Here is what she said:

Hey you really have to go LOOKING for those spiders it is not that bad. We only find 2 and they were babies on the ground found by the guys who were digging in the bushes for something. And Suzie says that is the first gecko that has ever fallen off. Lightening can't strike twice, right?

So, I'm feeling a little bit better about things now!
Thanks Val!

Although, I'm not sure I want to know what a "baby tarantula" looks like either!!!

pss: They posted some great pics from Nicaragua today. Click here to see!


  1. Glad to help. Really they spider factor is about the same here as at home. The gecko thing is only because they leave all the doors open (no screens) and just about every house we have been in has little to no glass windows so the geckos climb in on the walls. The beetle we saw was actually really cool (he got a 20 min photo shoot) and was very slow. Baby tarantula means it was small about the size of a house/hobo spider. Only the workers told us it was a tarantula or we wouldn't have known. They thought we were crazy for taking pictures.
    On the computer thing -- the pastor's house is very very safe. Kris leaves his out on the table sometimes overnight or when we are gone. It really is not like what you are thinking. Very little roughing it and more cool breezes and good food. The worst is the geckos chirping -- really. I think you will be surprised -- I was!

  2. I stayed in the jungles of Venezuela for 10 days and saw some pretty creepy stuff, but none of it came after me or anything! I even saw a group of 12 men carrying an anaconda snake across the road--and I HATE snakes.

    I think you'll find you lose yourself in the work pretty quickly--just don't drink the water ;)!

  3. i found your blog today... yippee! what a find!

    God bless you on your trip!

    When I saw your post on geckos & spiders my eyes nearly popped out of my head! I am deathly afraid of geckos... terrified!

    You'll do great there... God wouldn't put in a situation you couldn't handle... he'll be right there!


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