Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Round Balls of Yumminess!

When I married my hubby I was introduced to a New Years Day tradition....
Aebelsikvers for breakfast! They are these YUMMY danish pancakes that kind of look more like doughnut holes (but they taste like light fluffy pancakes). You sprinkle them in powdered sugar and dip them in jam. They are soooo good. Every year for New Year's Day we head over to his folks house to devour a plateful of these along with the rest of the family.

After our bellies are full we sit around and watch football all day. This year during half time of one of the games we busted out Guitar Hero. My MIL even gave it a whirl!

Hope everybody else had a fun day. I sooo wanted to go hit the 75% off sales at Target, but we are moving, so no new purchases for me =( It would just be more that I had to pack!


  1. Shannon those look really good. Can you post the recipe. Well I don't know, that could be a bad situation.

  2. Hello! Somebody bought me that skillet to make Aebelsikvers. I have since lost the recipe. Could you please post it?

    Have a wonderful New Year :)

  3. Hey how far have y'all gotten with the guitar hero. We finished every song and battle for easy and now Charles is over half way thru completing all of the medium songs. I think medium is too stressful. He almost scored 100,000 points on a song the other day. It definitely is fun!

  4. Okay, next time could you pick pictures without the double chin...or is that not possible??? Sigh!!

  5. The picture of Margie with the guitar is priceless. I LOL.


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