Thursday, January 17, 2008

Boys and their Toys

For Christmas the kids and I got my hubby guitar hero. He wasn't real thrilled about the idea of it and was going to take it back. I put on my sad face (because I wanted it!) and he decided to keep it. What he wanted to get instead was a remote controlled hellicoptor. So I told him to just go get one! So he did.

Ok, it has totally cracked me up because he gets to fly the thing for about 5 minutes (maybe) before he crashes it AGAIN and has to go inside to "fix something" on it. That is just not my idea of fun. But it is to him.......boys and their toys!

Guitar hero on the other hand has been hours of fun!!

This is my hubby fixing his chopper and laughing because I'm teasing him about it!


  1. Uncle Todd, quit flying the helicopter and go jam on the guitar. You country folk!

  2. I got one for my hubby for Christmas and it's his fav new toy! He and our boys fight over who gets to fly it(they are 5 and 2, so for now he wins). It's fun watching them.

  3. What is Guitar Hero? I like the chopper idea...or, you could just skip all the plastic and parts and pieces and...and...get a dog instead?

  4. Looks like Todd is having some fun. I'm sure with all the stress of building he's taking a load off. My husband has no toys. I guess six kids can make you want to run from toys.


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