Monday, January 7, 2008

So it's been 5 days....

My sister got on my case because it's been like 5 days since I've posted. I know I haven't posted, but I did redesign my blog....that should count for something!!

So here is my post for today. I've decided to start something that can circulate blogland and maybe come back to me someday....Since my blog is called EIGHTCRAZY.....

EIGHT things that drive me CRAZY:
1. My sister getting on my case about posting when normally she posts like 3 times a month!! (lol)

2. When I'm shopping by myself...kid free...and inevitably I go to the store where someone elses kid is crying or throwing a tantrum and no matter where I go in the store they seem to be following me!

3. When my DVR cuts off the last minute or two of a show (like last year with American Idol) or it cuts out right when they are previewing for the following week (like for Prison Break)!!!

4. Anytime Spencer opens his mouth (from the show "The Hills"....yes, I'm a wanna be teenie bopper!)

5. Everytime I walk into my family room, and somehow the pillows on the couch are all messed up again!!

6. When someone constantly questions me!

7. My lack of long term focus!

8. When people have no sense of loyalty!

The following people have been tagged with EIGHT things that drive you CRAZY:
Kim (my sis), Beckie, Julie, Kim (from TCB), and Michele D.


  1. Eight things that drive me crazy:
    1. Paying full price for anything.
    2. When people don't confront people when they have been offended.
    3. Negative people.
    4. John Lithgow- I don't know why but he bugs me, I can't watch any show with him in it.
    5. When parents count to 1-2-3 with their kids to get them to do something.
    6. Vacuuming - I would rather clean a toilet.
    7. When my feet are cold.
    8. Football Season and March Madness

  2. Hey silly, you are suppose to post it on your blog and tag someone else!

  3. I love your blog re-do!! It looks awesome!
    brenda bliss


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