Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Oh Boy...It's really happening!!

So, I've told ya'll that we sold our house. However I haven't started packing or even gone and collected any boxes yet. I've been waiting until after the inspection was completed and the buyers gave us the list of things they wanted done. I knew it couldn't be anything huge, because our home is only 5 years old and my hubby is the builder! I just wasn't sure if the buyers would put together some "crazy list of demands" that my hubby would say "no way" to. Well.....we got the list today and it was very few things and very reasonable. So, I guess it's really happening. We are really moving. Time to hit Craigslist for some moving boxes!

We went this weekend to the new property to stake out the site for the new house. Our new neighbors are long time family friends of ours from church. We were talking with them and the upcoming stresses and guess what the response was...."let me just pray for you guys right now". So there we stood arm in arm on our new house site praying with our new neighbors. God is sooo good. We have been very blessed for the last 5 years to live next door to my hubby's parents (and no I'm not kidding about that!!). And there have been many occasions where they have prayed with us or for us as well. It's just great to see how God is blessing our move right from the beginning!



  1. What a blessing to have neighbors who pray with you!

    Amy and I have prayed, hugged, and cried together so much. We're not even best friends. Just neighbors who love God and each other. I'm so happy for you!

  2. Shan, You are so lucky, God has really blessed you!!! We live on base and you just mention prayer and everybody goes into shock.
    I hope you take pictures and share your building journey and decorating. Love, jen

  3. My neighbor, Dara is that person for me. It's awesome, to have a neighbor who is not only a friend, but who knows when it's time for prayer.

  4. You are definately blessed! I'm excited for you all, and will be praying for you through this journey!! And, you'll be closer to us too!! Yippee!

  5. very excited for you guys! yes, we have some boxes at the studio that we don't use for reshipping. you'll want to call Alison or just swing by, they're out in the front of the shop leaning on the wall.

    get busy girl!


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