Thursday, January 10, 2008

Nicaragua - getting outside of my box

In a couple weeks my hubby and I are going with our church on a mission trip to Nicaragua. We will be working with the guidance of an organization called Forward Edge International. Once place we will spend some time at is the city dump of Managua. It is a dump where the trash of over 1 million people goes, but it is also the home to many people. Yes, people actually live there. Adults and children. The people along with vultures and rabid dogs scour the dump to get food and things to sell. Many of the young girls there prostitute their bodies to the dump truck drivers either for money or so that their family can be the first ones to go through the truck load of trash. Which leads me to the second place we will be going, "The Village of Hope" It is a community being developed outside the dump to house those young girls and get them out of that situation. I'm not sure exactly what we will be doing in the village, but some of the possibilities are working the home construction and finishing and furnishing 2 of the homes. We will also be spending some time at the orphanage near by that ends up taking in babies from the families at the dump. There is a school that will be opening for the dump children the day before we come home and I've heard that there will be work to do there as well to get it ready.

Doing something like this is SOOO outside my box. I'm not a real "manual labor" kind of gal, holding babies isn't really my thing, and I've never been really good at relating well to little kids that I don't know. So why am I going? Because the Lord asked me to. I've known for awhile now that he's been calling me to do something like this. Something that will stretch me and cause more growth. Something that on my own I would have a hard time doing, but with His strength, will be able to do. I'm excited and scared at the same time about what the Lord has in store for me. What he wants to teach me through this. But I'm prayerfully preparing, so that I am ready.

Here are a few pics of the dump so that you can have an idea of where we are going.

In the pics below you can see the "houses" of some of the dump residents

These are some of the dump residents crowding around a new dump truck load
This is a video that I found from another organization that is working to help in the dump as well.

Feliz Navidad! from Braddigan on Vimeo.

If you want to see a bit more, you can go to this link:


  1. I'm praying for all of you. It WILL change your life.

  2. I'll be praying for you and those going with you on this trip. God will use you to mightily touch the lives of these people. I can't wait to read what changes for you too. God will bless you for your obedience to Him.

  3. Shannon--you are my hero! I can only imagine the difference you will be making in these people's lives. I have heard it said that you can't always take the people out of the slums; but you can take the slums out of the people--who will then take themselves out of the slums. I wish all the best for a safe and life-changing event!

  4. My heart is soooo wanting to go on this trip!!! But than who would watch Bella and Ry? :)We'll be praying for the team and for those you'll be loving along the way. It's going to be an eye opening, heartbreaking experience for everyone I'm sure.

  5. Way to go Shannon. You'll hate hearing anyone complain after that trip. Good luck with those precious people.

  6. It will truly be an amazing trip! You will be blessed in so many ways as you bless the people there. I do believe that you will actually find that this isn't really as far out of your box as you think. It is just the next step in your walk with Jesus! Go, bless and be blessed. I can't wait to hear all about it and will be praying for you and the entire team

  7. I admire you for putting yourself out there. Your comment about the girls being prostituted to the drivers is one of the sickest acts I have heard of in awhile. Those poor girls.
    I know you will make a huge difference in their lives, but I'm sure it will feel like it's not enough. You should be proud of yourself.

  8. Wow, you are so brave and wonderful to take on this experience. It will be draining, emotionally and physically, but you are will be a changed person because of it. I wish you well, and am proud of you too...

    I look forward to hearing about it.
    Take care,
    Linda xoxo

  9. Wow.. that will be out of the comfort. I look forward to hearing how it goes and how it impacted you.

  10. My 17 year old daughter went on a mission trip to Nicaragua in October with her senior class. Like you, her team ministered to children & families who lived in a dump. She fell in love with the kids there & it definitely changed her. She would love to go back again.


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