Monday, January 21, 2008

A Peek Inside

Well, I've been showing you pics of the property, which is the outside, so I thought I'd give you a peek into the inside.

I've been working on the drawings for the cabinets throughout the house. Rooms like the kitchen, the family room, etc... Of course these are just my drawings, and changes will probably be made. But these are what I will give to the cabinet company to work off of initially. It will be fun when it's all done to go back and compare the final pictures to my drawings and see how different or similar they are.

This drawing represents a nook that is off the family room and kitchen. It will house the computer that the kids will be allowed to use to go online. That way we can keep an eye on things and it is visible from the two main rooms of the house. I also incorporated a bench because I love the idea from the 50's and 60's when the telephone was in the hallway and that's where you had to sit to talk on the phone. (I'll use a portable, but the kids can sit on the bench!)

This is one of the walls in the kitchen where the sink is and it has a pass thru that looks into the family room. I really want to do cream cabinets but to have a few areas (like the sink and island) that are either wood or painted brown.

This one represents one of the walls in the family room. It's a built in that will provide a lot of storage, housing for the TV and extra bench seating for large gatherings. This is the wall that you will look at if your in the kitchen looking through the pass thru. The benches will lift up for additional storage and the TV cabinet can close to hide the TV completely.

I have a few more drawings but I'll save those for another peek inside soon!


  1. so cool, Shannon! you'll have to show me how to do that someday. It is going to be beautiful.

  2. It's about time, you got creative again - Mrs. Blogger 2008!! Love your creativity, and more importantly, I love you!

  3. Hilarious that you did all that on the computer. Gorgeous I tell you....but your house always is.

  4. Very cute Shannon. Your so creative and have many talents. Kim is catching up to you, though. Keep us posted!

  5. Those drawings are awesome and I love the farmhouse style sink and the subway tile. Good luck with the building process.


  6. Shannon, I love it so very cute. Jen

  7. Lookin' good! I love peeks inside. Steve has to draw everything for me like this because I can't visualize.

    I LOVE the cream cabinets. I want them! But hubby tells me I won't want the kid prints on them. Aaahhhh.

  8. Simply Styling ... I love all the benches and storage. I know I'm going to be a big fan of ivory cabinets. Really a nice job Eight.Love Mom

  9. I love it too. I especially love the sink! Someday if I ever get new cabinets in this house, I'm so getting a cool sink like that!! I know it's going to be beautiful!


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