Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Oh sooo good....but oh sooo BAD!

Last night was the finale of The Biggest Loser. Did you watch it? The transformations were AMAZING! Here is Bill who won...

Here is Julie who took 2nd place...

So, anyway you'd think that as we watched we would be totally inspired. Almost to the point of jumping on the treadmill ourselves...RIGHT?

WRONG! As we watched my hubby and I literally made cinnamon rolls and each ate two of them. The new year is coming....Guess I know what my NY resolution needs to be =)


  1. That is hilarious...we just had cinammon rolls too...but I had more than two :-O

  2. YES! You Go Girl...I'm sipping tea and eating my 4th shortbread cookie!!!! ahhh....cute post.


  3. i'm back again...just happened to see your "janelle in africa" and i know of janelle (engeman)who my daughter found she was in africa...and low and behold we know the same, small, very small world. michael and i lived in portland for 5 years...he went to MB&S and was the worship pastor at the church the engeman family i think i'll have another shortbread. just kidding...blessings

  4. Wow, that is just's like two totally different cool...

  5. I never watch the show... but I always tune in for the finale... such transformations. It was inspiring, but I was on the couch eating sugar cookies topped with frosting and sprinkles. I'm with you in January SIS!

  6. They all look so great! What great a wonderful accomplishment. I heard one say 90% gain it back is this true?


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