Saturday, December 22, 2007

Giveaway - Post #3

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When I originally posted this I forgot to include this picture entry by Jennifer P. I don't believe she took the pic, she just found it on this website about Pennsylvania. Check out how the tire swing makes an 8 when it reflects on the water! This pic is GREAT! I almost want it to frame and put in my house!

I went into this really cute boutique today. It's right near the coffee stand I go to every Friday to get my son a hot chocolate after soccer. I knew that my MIL's jewelry was being sold in there, so I thought I'd check it out! Well LOOKIE LOOKIE WHAT I GOT!
A yummy sparkly 8! My plan is to hang it from a ribbon in my office, but when I walked in and saw the christmas tree I just couldn't resist!

My kids are both off school now for Christmas Break. However.....all they seem to be doing is playing school. My daughter has become the little school teacher and my son is the student like it or not! They seem to both be enjoying themselves. I TORE them away from their "schoolwork" to decorate some christmas cookies today.
My son just couldn't wait for me to open the christmas gift he made for me at school (real school). It was this precious plate. You know the kind that will still be in my drawers when I have grandkids.

It was just what I needed for their fabulously decorated cookies!


  1. Those are BY FAR my favorite Christmass cookies. Any sugar cookie with frosting on it is my Christmas weakness. YUM

  2. Yummy! Love the plate. I'll come over in 30 years and oooh and ahh over it with you. And the EIGHT! How CRAZY is that?

  3. OK now with baby coming or not I have to bake this weekend. Tanner is still to young to do it but he can sure eat them up. My kid does not have any food issues!!!

  4. Shan,(8), You forgot to mention Nebraska in your list of states. I know most people don't think much of us but we like it here at Offutt Air Force Base. I wanted to tell you we have an 8 in our family as well. Every since Chandler was little he has been obsessed by the number, he will doodle it make school craft projects, and of course it's his baseball number Go Bruins!!!! I think you both are crazy, eight crazy that is. By the way your kids are amazingly gorgeous I want to just kiss Colt's cute little cheeks. Merry Christmas from NEBRASKA!!!! Love, jen

  5. Hey Sha na na!!! I love you, I love Emily, I love Colt, and I love cookies. So all in all, I love your post, and I love new bracelets!!!!!!

  6. how cool is that 8? Connor has your obsession but its with the number 5. He has to be in gas station #5, aisle 5 at the grocery store, everything 5! I didn't think it would carry into adulthood but now after knowing you...I won't be surprised!

  7. Glad you liked the photo I found! I have linked to your site in one of my posts!

    The sugar cookies look yummy! And my sister-in-law still has all her plates like that that her kids made 25 years ago!

  8. Hey shannon!
    Those kids of yours are as scrumptious as the cookies on that adorable little plate! That's a masterpiece if I've ever seen one...!!


  9. What a cute plate! I have four similar ones from when Hunter and Jaxon were in pre-school. They are so sweet. I cherish them and hope to still have them to share with my grandkids too.

    So, what tree did the big sparkly 8 make it on? The pretty tree or the family tree?

    Merry Christmas!

  10. I made yummy sugar cookies today too with H and a buddy of his. I want a cute preschool plate...I'm jealous. I got a sparkly kid made photo ornament...also cute but not as useful. I do like sparkly bracelets! :)I let your MIL know too, and I linked to her page...and left comments.

  11. Just dropping by to say hello and lay my claim on that bracelet.
    I love that tire swing picture also. I would want it in my house too and I am not even enthralled with the 8's. The cookies look very yummy!!

  12. Those cookies look SO good :)

  13. That picture with the tire swing is so pretty! (and the eight is a bonus!)


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