Monday, December 31, 2007

Her first cookbook!

In the last few months my daughter has been looking at my cookbooks and mentioning the fact that she wished she had her own cookbook. So for christmas that was my gift to her this year. A couple nights ago she made her first meal using her new cookbook. (her brother and I helped out!)

We had pizza pockets! Yumm-O
She was very proud of herself! I totally remember my first cookbook as a kid. It was the BHG kids cookbook. The only thing I remember from it was flattening out bread to make PBJ sandwich rolls. I thought those were pretty cool! I aso remember when my mom tried out this idea of having my sister and I make dinner once a week. (that didn't last very long) I was obsessed with this recipe that was titled "chile relleno." I just HAD TO make it, so I did. I hated it! I don't like spicy things! So I have NO idea why I thought I would like that. I realize now that green chiles are not spicy, so I wonder if I would like it now? I LOVE green chiles now!

Do you remember your first cookbook, or the first dinner you ever cooked?


  1. Way to go Emily. Does that ccokbook show you how to make chicken wings (my favorite).I know what your thinking Shannon " wings Laurie, that's so black ". White folks like them to ya know. Just ask Kim. Well she's married to a black man, so that may not count. Get those wings going Em!!

  2. That looks like fun. I don't remember my first meal. I've been in the kitchen since I was in diapers - literally. I have always loved to bake - not really cook. You'd think since it's been that long I should be a better cook. Now Anna loves to bake as well.

  3. I remember making little pizza faces out of the Betty Crocker for Kids cookbook circa 1980. I loved that book! Bought my kids a cool retro cookbook and it has a really good peanut butter cookie recipe in it. They also like just looking through my homemade clip and save book and requesting things they see in it.

  4. Im suppose to cook? What's that? Well, I do do it once in a while. And Miah and Mikelle love to help. Madison, not so much. Miah makes eggs by herself. One night she made a whole dinner basically by herself of turkey meatloaf, mashed potatoes, and corn. Not bad for 9!!!! I have a plan, ya know.

  5. Kim always has plans but I'm sure she hasn't fooled ya, everything I've had of hers is oh so yummy, and Lori I'm pretty white and married to the whitest and I love wings my abs are showing just how much.
    Oh yeah Shan this is your comment sorry. I remember my first Married meal that wasn't hambuger helper was Cornish Hens, Mashed Pot. and southern green beans(southern means bacon grease). My kids would probally love to cook but remember I'm their mom so that means don't mess my kitchen, but they do however make me blueberry muffins every Mother's Day. Jen

  6. Emily doodles you can cook or bake for me anytime that meal looked wonderful. Your mom made mac and cheese several times when she was your age. Eight other than Christmas cutout cookies your favorite food to whip up was pancakes. I didn't have my own cookbook and my mom didn't want me in the kitchen much but my Grandma let me cook a lot. Pudding,Pudding and Pudding was my favorite. Have a great time experimenting .


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