Monday, December 17, 2007

Come Back Soon! ....A giveaway is near!

As I write this post my visitor tally sits at 8,597. My visitor tally will soon reach 8, 888 and when it does I'm gonna celebrate the EIGHTCRAZINESS, and it will be time for my very first GIVEAWAY!!! (This will happen in about 3-5 days) Are you as excited as I am?

My MIL of Gems By George has graciously offered to provide the goodie for this giveaway! It will be a piece of her beautiful handmade jewelery....more details to follow when the giveaway starts.

So keep coming back and be on the lookout for the giveaway to begin, how to enter, and ALL the rest of the details!


  1. Shannon if your giving away cars i'm in. O.k i'm in anyway!!

  2. Oh, i am so winning this time!
    BTW, congrats on your Allen Design win, we should be seeing some pictures of the little birdy in your home soon!
    Looking forward to the fun giveaway!!

  3. Only 218 more!! I just may check your blog 20 times a day in order to speed up the process!
    I can hardly wait!


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