Thursday, December 20, 2007



8,8888 and counting! EIGHTCRAZINESS IS HERE!!! Let the giveaway begin!!

Ok, here are the details:

For the next EIGHT days I will do EIGHT consecutive posts (including this one). During that EIGHT days leave a comment once on each post and you will receive an entry for each comment you leave (up to 8 entries possible this way)

If you post on your blog about my giveaway and link to it, (let me know) and that will enter you into the drawing one more time as well. Link to Gems By George (let me know) and you will get entered yet again! You will also be entered again if you leave a comment at Gems By George between now and the next 8 days.

And there is one final way to enter. Take a picture that could represent EIGHTCRAZINESS (notice my pics on the lower left column) and email it to me at I will post all the pics as they come in! Have fun with this and get creative!

Wow, there are so many chances to WIN!

So let’s review the ways to enter – You could have up to 20 entries!!

* Leave comments over the next eight days here at Eightcrazy (up to 8 entries this way)

* Leave comments over the next eight days at Gems By George (up to 8 entries this way)

* Post on your blog about the giveaway and link to Eightcrazy (let me know you did this – up to one entry this way)

* Link to Gems by George in a post on your blog (let me know you did this – up to 1 entry this way)

* Send a pic that defines or depicts EIGHTCRAZINESS to my email at (up to 2 entries this way which means you can submit up to 2 pics)

Entries must be received by midnight (pacific coast time) on Thursday, December 27th.

So WHAT do you win? A beautiful handmade bracelet by Gems By George (my MIL). The winner will be able to choose which series they would like their winning piece to be from (that means you get to choose the color basically). Also, please note that the winning piece will be from the Gems By George “Classic” line.

Here is an excerpt from my MIL’s blog about her jewelry:

“Every jewelry item I create is part of one of 12 different series. The series names come from the qualities represented by the dominant color in the piece, and some of the names are Strength, Restoration, Passion, Peace, Kindness, etc. It's a long story (I'll tell you one of these days) of how these came to be, but for now, I just want you to know that I pray over each jewelry item, asking God to touch the wearer and bless them in whatever way they need. I will never know, this side of heaven, how this works in individual lives, but I love being able to partner with God in such a manner.”

Gems By George recently created a one of a kind piece of jewelry for a local artist who designed one of the white house tree ornaments to wear to an evening at the WHITE HOUSE! How cool is that!

So now it’s up to you Blog Buddies! You can enter once or up to 20 times! Have fun and I can’t wait to see who wins! Again, entries must be received by midnight (pacific coast time) on Thursday, December 27th. Let the comments and entries begin!


  1. i'm first, i'm the first comment...what does that get me? I'll go work on my post to link back! I'm gonna think of something good for my picture!!

  2. Okay, got you linked, got gems by george linked, commented here and on gems by george...4 down, 16 to go! ;)

  3. So much pressure! So much fun. I'm in! I'll get my post with your link up this evening. Can't wait to pick my bracelet!!!

  4. whatever, trish! No claiming the prize before the rooster crows...???

    does that even make sense?? ha, ha.

  5. Shannon, I named you eight many years ago. Trish, Julie you need to bow out now, or the trash talking will have to begin.
    Eights Mom

  6. A exciting! I'd better get busy on all my other ways to enter....

  7. Ok do I get extra for being pregnant and ready to explode????

  8. do i get extra for putting up with you for more than 8 years? only 88 more years to go!

  9. okay eightsmom, no pulling the 'mom' card!...'one'...sister card.. Play fair now people. it's on.

  10. Don't worry Julie, Shannon is oh so fair. Even if I wanted her to cheat, which I don't, she wouldn't. Hey Shan, I typed in the link on my page, but how do I make it an "actual link", where they click on it and it takes them to your page? Also, I sent the email to your other email address. Is that ok?

  11. How long have you guys been doing this 8 thing??? Seems like quite awhile. It's nice to have a close family!

  12. Okay, I did it. You and Gems by George are linked on my blog! I really, really want to win, so watch out Julie!
    BTW, Julie, I miss reading your blog, can you add me to your safe list, or do we have to meet in person first ;-)!

  13. You guys are way too competitive. It's the quiet "sneakers" like me who will win this thing.

  14. actually trish, I have a 10 page questionnaire that you have to fill out first and then you have to meet my husband!! Totally kidding!! Of course, I'll add you. I just need your email address. Email
    The private thing is all my husband...internet paranoid...! ;)

  15. Shannon I wrote earlier, but I think I was logged in under Lauries name. Just know that this is your sister leaving a comment for day 2!

  16. Pick me..pick me!! I so need to accessorize more!!!


  17. ok, now I get it. And I saw this article in the paper about the ornament. So cool!

  18. Ok, now I get it...Here I am commenting again, and I'll do some "linking" tonight for you and your MIL...I love her and saw some of her pretty gems today at the salon my sister in law works at! (La Bella Mi) pretty! I hope I win (so back down Trish and Julie!)

  19. Sweet deal. Please count me in.

  20. Ooooh! and eight is my lucky number (love your site, by the way!)


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