Monday, December 3, 2007

Losing a Little Wisdom Today

I'm leaving in 15 minutes to go get my remaining 3 wisdom teeth removed. YIKES! I'm a little nervous. My friend Anita is coming to pick me up. I have to take an oral sedation pill at that time and then another before the procedure. Along with that they'll hook me up with some nitrus. So I should be good and loopy! Hopefully I won't remember a thing!

I should post when I get home and I'm still loopy.....that would probably be entertaining. We'll see if I remember to do that.

Hey, did you all see that Beckie got featured on Today's Creative Blog!


  1. Ok, ok, I posted about it...geesh ;-) Anywho I hope you are loopy and painfree today. I know how you love painfree and the loopy part is kinda fun also huh?

  2. Hope it went well. Hope ya didn't fall flat on your face when you stood up like I did...... a little too loopy. Do you have good drugs?

  3. Oh are sending waves of bad memories through me!! I had ONE pulled in October and it was a nightmare!! Word of caution: do exactly as they say post-op. Do NOT drink anything carbonated. I got a dry socket and they could not get it under I am very nervous for you!! I hope all is going well for you now that it is over. If you are suffering, get the proper meds!! Do your jaw exercises, and if you need some sympathy, come my way!! I'll have heaps of it for you!!

    Take care,


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