Friday, April 3, 2009

My daughter....the dancing queen

It's always weird to do posts about regular old life stuff after my last matter how you swing it. But here it goes....

A few weeks ago was the annual Father/Daughter dance that my hubby usually takes my daughter to. But this year hubby was sick in bed with a fever. He opted not to go to the dance and infect a room full of people. So it was Papa Scott to the rescue!! I think it's great that my dad got the chance to do something special like this with his grand-daughter.

The evening started with a trip to the hair dresser for the fancy hair-do (I'm soooo bad at doing I leave it up to the pros)

Oh my gruwn up she looks! I can't believe it! She now is officially only one shoe size behind me and she comes up to my nose!

Then we headed over to Papa Scott's house where he was in his best duds and ready with a cute little vase of red roses for his little Emily-doodle!

I unfortunately do not have pictures from the actual dance...but I think my dad worked his hip replacement out pretty good!!!


  1. Oh my goodness - that hair stylist deserves an award - I can only imagine how giddy Papa Scott was to be taking such a doll on a "date" (and her Daddy must've been pretty bummed out to miss out on a night with her) - how appropriate that he got her flowers. She is beautiful - I hope those boys keep their paws off Little Miss "Emily-Doodle"!

  2. wow, her hair was super beautiful! Glad she was still able to go even though Todd was under the weather...good ol' grandpas...

  3. She is absolutely gorgeous! Love the hairdo.

  4. She looks adorable. Hannah was sad to miss out. Hopefully next year it will all work out again. The hair is fabulous. I could work something fun out there, but it would never be as cool as going to get it done by a salon! And I have to say your feet are small and your height. . . Not soaring--like me. But I know what you mean!

  5. oh how neat! she looks so pretty. what a special time for granddaughter and Papa.

  6. She is so beautiful! Love the hair too!! It's a bummer that Todd missed it, but I'm glad your dad could step in!!


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