Saturday, April 25, 2009

Cabo....Relaxing Sunny Cabo...

The View from our Room

Um...Can I have room service every morning!!!

Pics from around the resort

Our Day of Fishing.....

The Sunset...there's something I rarely see...I'm a sleepy head!

We saw LOTS of dolphins! So cool!

We also saw LOTS of Pelicans!

It was such a gorgeous day and the scenery is amazing!

The fish weren't biting....but SQUID were!

We caught it....and ATE IT!

Missin' my time alone with my hubby already!!


  1. Happy and tan - isn't that sun and surf so rejuvenating - looks amazing! Might have to think about that for a future hubby vacation destination - very nice - glad you had a good time!

  2. I love vacation with my hubby. I am jealous...I have to wait until September

  3. Calamari!! Yum. I hear the squid are a pretty aggressive catch. Nothing better than fresh.

  4. Squid....gross! Time with your man...fantastic!

  5. Looks like a fabulous time! I'm so impressed that you ate it!

  6. the vacation, I mean...the squid, Lee Ann said I, too, am impressed you ate it :)

  7. oh that looks wonderful! happy belated birthday, btw. hope you had a great day!

  8. How great to get a room so close to the sand! AFter seeing your pics, I'm REALLY excited...I get to go there in ONE week!!!

  9. Happy late birthday! The vacay looks fabulous!

    Glad you had a great time, I must say I'm a little jealous of the sunshine, but not the squid......not sure if I could eat that!

  10. Great pics! you didn't bring home any Swine Flu did ya? :) Looks like a fun vacation away...

  11. You are now a health risk to the greater metro area. We will have to quarentine you to make sure you aren't spreading swine flu in the PacNW.

    Aheahehheahheaheahea. Love the pics. I have one of those delicate pink ones from our trip there. So pretty...

    And gf, you're lookin' h.o.t. hot.

  12. Great pictures Shannon!!! I'm drooling with jealousy!!! Glad you shared them! Glad you made it home safe too!!!


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