Sunday, April 12, 2009

I'm strappin' in and getting ready for the ride!

So, my hubby and I have been pretty intentional about not being a busy family. When my daughter was 5 she played soccer and softball, but at the end of the year we asked ourselves what we were doing and why we were doing it. We decided at that point that eventually life would get busy why make it busy at a point where it didn't have to be. My daughter is about to be 10 so for the last 5's been pretty mellow on the activities front! We've done little things here and there...sewing lessons for my daughter and indoor soccer during the day for my son. But we've cherished out calm evening schedules and our nightly dinner around the table without having to rush off to something. It's definitely been nice, but I would also have to say that somewhere in the process I began to develop an attitude of selfishness. I didn't want to start adding more activities because it would be an inconvenience for me. I don't like that crazy busy feeling and so I wanted to do what was comfortable and easy.

But this year we began to step out and add some activities. My daughter played basketball in the winter and my son is going to play flag football this spring. One at a time....that was doable! But then I went to a presentation my daughter did and school and I KNEW that I needed to be open to the idea of letting her join CYT (Christian Youth Theatre). We know people involved. They all love it...and they are all BUSY! So....I always said I would NEVER DO IT!
So, I looked into and realized...HEY...classes are only one night a week. I can do that. So we signed her up and the bonus was that we could car pool with my neighbor!

So we go to the first class and I begin to get emotional. It was this crazy weird experience. There was this obvious sense of family and the level of positivity and encouragement was UNDENIABLE! I basically had to fight back the tears because I KNEW that it was the PERFECT place for my daughter and that she was about to discover something in herself that would be amazing and build her confidence. I was also emotional because of the struggle going on inside! The selfishness I had become comfortable with....I would have to completely let go of it.

We discovered that night that auditions for the plays were the following day...and NEW students were welcome to audition. This was NOT in my plan. CYT is HIGH commitment and lots of volunteer hours for the parents. Not to mention 3 days a week when doing a play with a TON of driving back and forth!

of course she wanted to audition!

so I came home and began to discuss it with my hubby and the tears began to flow. I told him about how perfect it was for her and how I knew that as a mother I needed to start becoming WAY more sacrificial! God was definitely working on my heart and it was great to hear that he had been speaking similarly to my hubby as well. So we were on the same page...we would let her audition.

The next day she auditioned. It was amazing! SHE was AMAZING! She had NEVER done anything like that before and she did soooo good. She got up there without looking nervous...introduced herself and sang her little heart out! She sang beautifully and she had this big bright smile on her face the entire time. She was totally in her element! My mom sat next to me crying and somehow I was able to fight back the tears.

The following day was call backs and today we found out that she made the show. She will be part of the ensemble...and she is super excited! I'm excited for her.

My schedule is about to get BUSY...VERY BUSY! I don't think I even have a clue how busy. Every CYT parent I talk to gets big eyes and says, "it's alot!" Every person who I know who has a friend who is a CYT parent says, "I never even see her the month of the play."

So...I'm really glad I'm leaving for Mexico for a little vacation, because I'm going to need to be completely refreshed to start this new crazy life of mine. The great thing is...I know it will be worth it! My daughter totally deserves this sacrifice of my time. She's one pretty amazing kid.

I'm thankful that I have a God who is constantly molding me and shaping me into who he intends for me to be!

(I do have to say that making the decision not to be a busy family isn't one I regret. It was great for our family...I'm just saying that the time has now come to let my kids spread their wings and discover their interests and talents!)


  1. Oh I could have written the first half of this post myself. I pride myself in not being busy. Not putting my 5 year old in ANYTHING! I think others are CRAZY!!! but, I know my time is coming. It was so good to hear how God is working in all of you with this. Who knows....maybe we'll carpool to CYT with ya, although the thought makes me cringe right now:-)

  2. Congratulations Emily! She is going to be great. Hannah will be so jealous! You are a great mom. I know what you mean about time and involvement. I did that where we lived before and have let it slide here. The break has been nice, but I am starting to feel guilty. The activities will be soon forthcoming, I can feel it.

  3. I have been busy for a long time! It seems that you can usually hold the oldest off the longest from getting started in all of the extra curricular activities. But the younger ones are more eager since they watch their siblings. I remember how Mikelle used to be content just hanging out at the softball field, playing with the little kids, and running up to the snack shack with her dollar.....then one day, she spotted some girls her size practicing on a team. She sat there for an hour. She watched so intently! She then told Charles, those girls are my size, can I play too daddy? Pleaseeee...I am so excited for Emily. How neat to see her right in an element where she is so blessed. So much of parenting is sacrificial...Nobody really ever tells you just how much, before you start parenting. I think we were so blessed with parents who provided us the opportunity to spread our wings, and find our little niche', and now we can do the same for our kids. We will miss this play, but I can't wait for the next. I think Miah, and Mikelle actually might like to do something like that too? Maybe..just Mikelle-

  4. I have always thought I was trying to "keep life calm" by not having my kids involved in much either, but wow!--this post has made me re-think my attitude. Is it for them, or for me? Might have to reconsider some of their requests.

    Congratulations to your daughter! What an exciting time!

  5. so proud of you shannon! emily is going to have a great time and it will be worth the time!!


  7. You are so right to let them spread their wings, and keep a great attitude! You won't regret this season of your life either, and I admire you for being flexible and open to the voice of God in your life.
    So...when will my blog design be done??? (just kidding)
    Have a fabulous and relaxing time in Mexico!

  8. never say never. that is my motto. One activity at at time is our rule. She will have a ball!

  9. way to go shannon! i bet emily is going to be awesome in the show!

  10. "Never" is a strong word! :) love this story. Can't wait to come watch her. Jess has been wanting to do it but the committment scares me!

  11. Just a question? Why does the idea of a busy life scare everyone?

  12. Little Em all grown up. Dang I want to see her play! That is cool Shan, thanks for posting that. I needed to hear that.

  13. Girl I am so proud of you! I new you would come around and you will enjoy every bit of it. My friend Grant Whitney is one of the Drama teachers up there, his kids are in it too! Make sure and say hi to him! It's a great program Nicholas was going to do it but he's so involved in HS Drama now there's no time. Love ya Debbie

  14. so awesome. we will definitely be at the play and you know where to come if you need a cup of tea during play time...we are just up the hill...a very large hill! good workout.


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