Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A bit of Randomness....

Just watched last weeks biggest loser....I NAILED the brown team from the beginning! Always knew the Dad was no good! You can ask my sister...I totally called it! Can't wait to see tonight's episode!

The Hills was so hilarious this week. Spencer just couldn't get over meeting a young man who was still a virgin, didn't drink and planned to wait to have sex until he is married. Spencer was sure the guy was an alien from an alternate universe! Oh Spencer....you need to get out more...OUT of LA!

Are you looking for a good read...not a book...a blog. My friend Beckie is sharing her life story...her love story. She's on part 14...so you can read it all at once instead of having to wait each day like the rest of us. Here is her cliffhanger for today just to give you a preview......

He leaned in and cupped my face in his hands...

you can check out the WHOLE story at her blog....it doesn't dissapoint... infarrantly creative


  1. Yeah, it was funny watching Spencer. I think the 2 christians were a bit nervous in front of the cameras or something. The girl said, the bible calls it "forniFication"...then her boyfriend said, I think it's just fornication? C'mon people....know your bible! As far as BL...you were on to the Brown Team....they are playing the game!

  2. I don't like Ron either! I like Mike but was so ticked off when he took the easy way out and sent Kristin home...CHICKEN! Oh well, I am rooting for Tara. I can't wait to see how she looks at the end!


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