Wednesday, April 8, 2009

8 days of crash dieting bliss...

...want to join me?

I started THIS DIET this morning.

I've done it before. Since I have to be in my swimsuit in 8 days I figured now would be a good time to torture myself again. Then when the torture is over....I will enjoy my 5 days of blissful Mexican sunshine by the pool!

wish me luck!


  1. well...I would...except, um...I don't have the Mexican pool time to look forward to at the end of the'm gonna pass...--good luck, to you, though!!! :)

  2. That sounds really, really bad Shannon - boring, bad, and hopefully worth it - I would be a freak of rage on that diet - coffee for lunch and dinner - no thanks - and black coffee - why bother? I do with you luck and hope you feel ridiculously skinny in your bathing suit! You will deserve some prize for sure after sticking to that!!

  3. Ya, um....if you take me to Mexico maybe. In the meantime, I'll just continue to sit here and grumble about the size of my abdomen and remain completely clueless as to why it won't shrink.

    Hope you enjoy lots of fruity, fufu drinks by the pool!

  4. No can do. Any diet that involves coffee AND cantelope - gross! sorry to leave ya hangin' - but I know you'll look great! Kudos to you for trying!

  5. Let me know how it works...might be just what I need to make it down the stretch! btw...take good notes on activites and restaurants you guys liked!! Maybe one of these years we'll actually be down there at the same time!


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