Sunday, February 8, 2009

I've been nominated!

Tip Junkie is announcing the nominees for all the different categories on the Annual Tip Junkie Awards. I was informed that I've been nominated for "Best Organizational Tip" My husband thinks that is pretty reality it kind of is! I'm really good at coming up with organizational concepts and ideas, but I STINK at maintaining them.

Here is the post with my idea for trying to help organize your kids as far as school papers, chores, etc. This is one of those posts that always seems to pop up on my site meter referral list. People find it through google searches, or tip junkie and then they post about it and link to the post. Oh the good old days.....back when my blog was actually full of ideas! Remember that? Probably not! I'm sure all of those readers have long gone away! LOL!

I posted this more than a year ago. I still use the ones for chores...but I've totally slacked on the other ones. can hop on over to Tip Junkie and VOTE FOR ME..... because I do still think it's a good idea AND I WILL WIN SOMETHING!!! Don't you want to help me WIN? You know you do!


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