Wednesday, February 11, 2009

The City.....anyone?

I admit it. I love reality shows. I also tend to like the shows that are supposed to be for teenagers and college kids. I love watching the Hills and now I'm watching The City. For many of you this is probably a meaningless and ridiculous post. But to those of you who DO watch The City........

can we discuss OLIVIA? Oh---MY---WORD! WOW! I'm not sure I knew people like her really existed. There is soooooo many things that I could bring up......but please share your thoughts!!

'Cmon...I can't be the only one who is watching!


  1. I love insomnia, I am finding some wonderful blogs tonight! Your blog is so cute. Looking forward to following ")

  2. mmmmm.....sorry. I'm of no help. Haven't even heard of it :-(

  3. I tried to watch it, because I really like Whitney. But I just can't get into it. I had stopped watching "The Hills" quite a long time ago. I just couldn't stand how whiney LC was. I might try to give 'The City' another chance.

    And this is coming from someone that rarely watches tv. You wouldn't know it from this comment though would ya? LOL

  4. Don't know about either of those shows, Shannon, but I do know that I tagged you for a new post - check out my blog for details!

  5. Well...i first was obsessed with Laguna Beach, then of course they did the spin off from that called The Hills which i love. I do watch the city but I am not quite obsessed with it as I am the hills. I TiVo it every monday nite and make sure to watch it...BUT with the hills TiVo wasn't good enough...I would stay up to watch it and then stay up to watch the aftershow. I am super excited that new episodes should be out this spring. But I definately get what you mean about Olivia...I had no idea people acted like that. LOL if she only met me....she wouldn't understand why I'm wearing sweatpants.. or she may not even know what sweatpants are. LOL

  6. OMG! Olivia is a stuck up snob! I really hope Whitney tells her off at some point!


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