Monday, February 16, 2009

Sometimes it's the little things!

Somehow my friend and I got on the topic today of the worst fight that we had ever had with our husbands. We were laughing at how the biggest fights are over the littlest things! Hers was over who was going to grate the cheese for tacos and mine was over who was going to carry the room key in their pocket. SERIOUSLY!

This was several years ago.....
We were on a vacation in Mexico with my hubby's brother and his wife. We had all spent the day by the pool lounging around and we were totally relaxed. We decided for dinner that we were going to take the shuttle buss and go to a restaurant at a nearby hotel. So off to our rooms we went to get all gussied up. As we left the room I had the room key. It wasn't one of those cards, it was an actual key with one of those big room number key chains hanging off of it. I had shorts on and they had pockets, but as we girls know...things in our pockets just make us look bulkier. So I went to hand my hubby the key so he could carry it. We proceeded to the elevator and into the main lobby continuing to "discuss" who should carry the key in their pocket. It escalated to the point where I threw the key on the floor across the lobby and walked off!

Yep....that really happened! I really did that! We really argued about a key!
Oh my poor brother-in-law and his wife! They had only been married for 6 months and this point and I'm sure they were thinking that we had totally lost it and they were pledging to one another that they would NEVER end up like that!

I look back now at how much we've grown since then....and I'm thankful. But I think it's completely hilarious that we actually argued over the carrying of the room key! It's very funny how the smallest of things really can turn into the hugest of fights!

So, what about you? What's your small thing....huge fight story?

WOW! I can't believe this has been up all day and only one person was willing to share! I totally thought this was gonna be a good post with lots of hilarious comments! C'mon people! Spill the dirt!


  1. Biggest fight for us was who was going to confirm a flight. It was ugly and not something I want to repeat again.

    The little things always turn into something huge. Pretty sure they are always just enough to tip the scale of annoyance that has already been growing.

  2. Goodness, I am thinking, thinking. I really can't recall the biggest, lol. I do know however that our big fights, and tanties, are over such little, stupid things. Most are over decorating and renovating actually. Like how many coats of paint the wall needs. I always say just one more and he will start in with but I am the one painting the wall. Sigh

  3. Our first argument was over a dog. I don't remember the specifics, but because I'd never seen a married couple fight before (mom was a widow), I thought one argument meant you were going to divorce!

    It only took 13 more years :), but there were really very few arguments.

  4. My husband and I honestly rarely ever fight, (we prefer to keep it bottled up.)Our biggest fight my husband and I had was while cleaning out the garage. I went inside to get more garbage bags... he thought I abandoned him and came in angry and said something mean infront of the kids...

    I can't remember what I said exactly, but something about what an awful example to set in front of our children... he turned,stormed out in the garage.. and then I DID abandon him! I thought he needed some time alone to cool off and realize- that is not how you talk to me if you want me to help.

    We laugh about it now.

  5. Okay look. I wanted to comment when I first read the post....but the thing is...I DON"T REMEMBER. Oh we 'fight' all the time, you know in a way only two passive aggressive type-a freaks can. And I guess I have blocked them from memory or something.

    Sorry. really.
    Write a post about what PISSES me off the most about my husband and I will be all over the comments....but actual fights? Not so much.

  6. Since I'm married to the kindest man on the planet (really. he has to be to still be married to me) we don't have that many fights. And when we do, I'm always the one who started it. In fact, I've actually begged him to get mad at me before. Sigh.

    But our biggest fights to date have begun with in-law (his parents) issues. It always ends up being about something else though.

  7. Ha, this post made me laugh. And reminded me of our first big fight after we were married. (Eight years ago now.)

    We were picking out some of his bachelor stuff to sell at a garage sale, including his "lovely" dishes. (Some of the new Corelle designs are OK, but his "southwestern" set?!? No thanks! Plus, he bought matching "southwestern" cutlery, but one set of four place settings had embossed metal handles and the other set had clunky white plastic handle.)

    Anyway, I figured we'd leave them in the old box they were in. Ken however wanted to put them in one of the brand-new Rubbermaid storage container things that I had just bought.

    Ken figured that whoever purchased the dishes might be in a lower income bracket than us and he wanted to add "dignity" to their purchase, by putting the dishes in something "nice." I figured a cardboard box is "nice enough" and I paid "good money" for that tote, to organize stuff in it, not to give it away!

    It got ugly. Especially once it spilled over to how we spend money and what our families of origins are like. : ) But eventually we realized that a lot of this was stemming from the fact that he is a big-picture person, and I'm a details gal. And we worked it out.

    We sold them in a nice, sturdy, clean, unripped cardboard box. (I have plenty of those, some might say "too many" -- but that's another fight for another day! -wink-)

  8. Ooh, sorry that got so long. Maybe I should've gone with another one I just remembered from our "early years": we were working on a bathroom remodel project that had already stretched out for weeks, and started fighting one day over who got to choose the music. Dissing his "Yanni Live at the Acropolis" was NOT a good idea. We did not work together the rest of that day... : )


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