Friday, February 20, 2009

Are you kidding me?

What the heck is ER doing? They brought Carter back and now he is sick? Did they bring him back just to kill him off? I don't want to watch that! That sucks! I was all excited for the oldies but goodies to come back, but I'm not liking this storyline very much. I know ER is good...their writers are the best! But why oh why must they pull at our heartstrings like this??!! We already had to watch Pratt die this year! C'mon writers.....give us a break!

oh, and about my last post.....
I honestly cannot believe that more of you did not comment. who knew ya'll would be so private. I really thought people would be willing to share a story like that. I figured we could all look back and laugh about the fights that were over those silly kinds of things. But apparently.....I was wrong! WAAAY WRONG!


  1. Personally, I think ER "jumped the shark" about ummmmm 8 years ago. Can't believe it's still on.

    As for your marriage fight thing.....I just can't think of one. Oh, they happen....believe me they happen, I just have forgotten all the details.

  2. oh my gosh...i Tivo'd ER last nite so i haven't seen that episode yet..but carter is sick?? ahh.. i am so sad to see ER go... I've been watching it since I was much younger and i had to be in bed by 10 (which ER came on at 10) so i'd have to be sneaky and turn it on in my bedroom with the sound down real low...sometimes i was basically reading their lips. haha
    anyways..when pratt died..seriously i was a freakin' mess.. i pretty much cry ever ER episode..but that one was terrible..

  3. OMG, I was TOTALLY going to write a post saying the SAME thing!! I about balled my eyes out when I realized they brought him back to KILL HIM OFF! That is so sad! He was one of my all time favorites! They couldn't just leave well enough alone? Maybe they won't kill him, maybe he'll make it. We'll see. I have watched ER since the first episode and I think they have done an amazing job keeping the stories going for all these years! What the heck am I going to watch Thursdays at 10pm now? I feel like I've never watched anything else at that time....ever!!! I am glad that they are bringing back the original cast, but I hope they don't kill them all off!!! Something has to be good in the end!!! = ) Shannon, we'll have to do a GoodBye ER party for the last episode!!!


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