Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Felt Food

FELT FOOD...I've been noticing it around blogland. Seems to be "all the rage"! Right now One Pretty Thing has an entire feature about it. It's cute...but I don't totally get it. I think people are making it for their kids. Am I right? Have you seen it? Have you made any?

And the other question that enters my come I haven't seen Beckie making this yet? She makes everything else!!


  1. The egg above is something I made for Wee Folk Art :) As to why felt food has become "all the rage"... many people are trying to stay away from plastic, imported toys, and are opting to make their own, thereby insuring their safety. It is also cheaper to make toys than to buy them. Plus, felt toys hold up very well to play. Besides, they are downright cute, right? And, really quite easy and satisfying to make. It occurrs to me you may have asked a rhetorical question, but once you get into felt food for your children, you'll never stock their kitchen's with cheap plastic food again!

  2. Ha ha...because it seems like it takes a lot of time for little return. I have been making food out of salt clay and Isaac and I have been painting it :-)

  3. I was just talking to my mom today about making felt food for our play kitchen. She said you had posted, and if "all else fails, ask Beckie how to make it! She makes everything!" We are on the same wavelength! :)


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