Monday, June 1, 2009

Be a Prayer Warrior for Luke!

The last time Luke battled this disease (and won) we covered his room in stars and the stars represented people who were praying for him from all over the world! This time I thought we would give Luke a visual picture of the CHAIN OF PRAYER WARRIORS that are praying for him from ALL OVER THE WORLD!

When you leave a prayer
of encouragement on the prayer site for Luke and his family I will add a link to Luke's prayer chain.
This time I wanted Luke to know that just as many...and maybe EVEN MORE PEOPLE are praying for him this time! So won't you join the prayer chain and be a prayer warrior for LUKE!

PLEASE remember to lift this family up in your prayer everyday! Pray for Luke's complete and total healing here on earth!!! Prayer that God's glory would be revealed through the complete healing of Luke. Pray that cancer would be completely eradicated from Luke's life once and for all!! Pray for STRENGTH for Luke's parents, Vikki and Steve. Also, please be praying for Luke's brother and sister that God would comfort them and would continue to be their source of hope!

Please ask others to pray as well. Spread the word by posting about praying for Luke on your blog and ask people to PRAY! When you post add the button below to the post and to your sidebar so that people can click on it and get to the prayer site to join the prayer chain!

Encourage others to PRAY 4 LUKE!
(copy/paste into your own
website or blog):


  1. shan~ all i can say is thank you! to many tears right now. thank you for your love and support! we believe in the power of prayer! luke believes in prayer! he was excited to hear that you had done this again! again thank you! love you!


  2. Praying for Luke and his family......

  3. praying for Luke & his family. =o)

  4. Our family would love to pray for Luke and his family:)

  5. What a great job on Tiffany's site. What a nice post for Luke's family.

  6. will definitely say a prayer!

  7. Praying for Luke and his family!


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