Thursday, June 11, 2009

Dump IE and switch over to Firefox

As most of you know...I'm a blog designer. I talk to many other blog designers and I've been to some conferences. The concensus is that none of us like IE. When we write up our codes they work just fine in browsers like firefox and safari....but then we have to write up a bunch of code fixes for IE becuase in's all screwed up.

So....I think everyone could make our lives a whole lot easier if they would just make the switch! Because IE doesn't seem to be able to fix the problem no matter what version they come out with!!! C'mon...see what you've been missing. You've probably been looking at blogs and websites all over the net in the wrong way!

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  1. I'm a firefox junkie and have been for a while..


  2. i have a Mac and Firefox causes problem for me. they tried to mimic Safari what i normally use. A lot of PC stuff out wont run with Safari...keep getting the message, server not recognized,etc. Seems Mac is very cutting why so many server issues? i have both on my dock for those online conferences...when i use Firefox.

  3. we downloaded and use google "chrome" and I'm a fan of that.

  4. I'll echo Heidi... I love Safari. Best bookmarking, but for PC users IE should be the final resort. FF, Chrome or even Safari for PCs are all better than IE.

    Preach it, sister!

  5. Amen Sista! I just switched this week. I have having so many issues! GRRRRR. Now that I'm a firefox girl, I love it! So easy. I have also recently discovered Windows Live Writer. It makes posting to my blog a breeze with so many options. Life is certainly getting easier.


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