Monday, October 27, 2008

Toothless in Tennessee!

Well, here we are in Tennessee and Colt lost his very first tooth! He is sooo excited! I'm thinking I might actually download pics a bit later, so I will try to post some later.

We went to the Tennessee Aquarium today and I took lots of pics there! It was fun. We ate at this restaurant called Sticky Fingers. OH MY GOODNESS! It was soooooo yummy! FANTABULOUS BBQ ribs and their whisky flavord BBQ sauce is to die for! The drive from Murfreesboro to Chattanooga was really pretty with all the rolling hills. I'm kind of bummed out though because the tree colors still haven't totally popped yet. I guess it's been a bit warmer than usual lately or something. I really wanted my kids to see the fall colors at their best. I saw them years ago up in the Northeast and they are spectacular! Tomorrow we will drive through the smokey mtns to Gatlinburg and Pigeon Forge with our ultimate destination being Dollywood.

Right now I'm just sitting by the pool at the hotel while the kids swim. My hubby is back in the room watching Monday Night football. The local team, The Tennessee Titans is playing.

Well, I'm off to blog hop. I don't get much time at home to do that...cuz I'm usually designing blogs rather than looking at them.
see ya'll later!


  1. Sounds like fun over there! Can't wait to see your pictures!

  2. mmmm BBQ!!

    sounds like y'all are having a GREAT time!

  3. you're supposed to be "fixin" to blog hop. there are some colorful people there. You gotta love the Bible belt though!

  4. little lost your first tooth and I missed it. Did you get some $$$ under your pillow. Shannon, I'm reading your notes and remembering all the things that you are seeing. It is so pretty there, huh? Well, have fun and tell Judy and Jeff and Nora and Shelly and all the kids "hi" for us with hugs. Wish we were there to enjoy the family visit with you. Waiting to see some pics...especially Colton's new "gap". Love you all...Margie


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