Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Nantucket.....part 3

Ok, I've been slow to blog since I got home. I finally just downloaded my pics onto my computer. However my daughter came home from school this afternoon not feeling well and now she has a 102 fever! Hopefully the meds I just gave her will bring it down. So, I'm not gonna take the time to upload pics and stuff right now.

But my sister did two really great posts about the trip, so head on over to my sister's blog to check out more about our trip!


  1. Thanks for the love! Hope Em is feeling better soon.

  2. The pictures so far are adorable---and I hope your little one gets better and FAST! Poor thing!

  3. I just have to say that I found your blog....and now I just check in on you daily! Weird. I know! I think you are funny and have an interesting life. I LOVED the pictures of your fam in Nantucket, which totally sounds like a movie place. I LOVE your new house and keep checking in...patiently...waiting for more photos! I LOVE your decorating style and you are super talented with your designs! Hope you don't mind that I am an official stalker, but willing to admit it in writing!

  4. hi shan! just checking on your blog...and im not going to be a lurker anymore! yay! i hope little em feels better! love and miss you... talk to you soon.


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