Sunday, October 26, 2008

In Tennessee-----almost didn't make it!

Well, we are here in Tennessee! And let me tell you it was a literal workout to get here. The day started out easy. Our flight didn't leave until noon, so it was a leisurely morning getting things ready before we headed to the airport. Our flight pattern was from our place to Atlanta and then to Nashville. If you don't know Atlanta has a HUGE airport!!! We got off in concourse A and had to catch the next plane in Concourse E. You have to take a train to get there. We only had an hour between flights. So we get to E and all of a sudden it hits me "GASP!... I left my camera on the plane!!" (my $800 camera and my $200 flash! we are talking $1000 here people!) I went into panic mode! We went to the Delta desk and they were totally NOT helpful! So then we went to the new gate and they called the old gate and we discovered that YES they had my camera! So that was good! What was bad was that our plane left in 25 minutes and I had to RUN back to the old gate in concourse A and then back to the new gate in Concourse E again...and pray I made it back in time! Oh people, I knew there was a reason I should have kept up my running from last year. But alas I haven't worked out in like a year so I was totally suckin' wind...and totally sweating! But I had to KEEP RUNNING! My family was standing at the new gate waiting for me. They had just been told that the door to the plane would be closing in two minutes when they finally saw me RUNNING towards them with my camera bag in tow! I barely made it! But I made it! I thought I was gonna die, but I made it. When we got on the plane everyone was of course seating and staring at us...and I was obviously flush and sweaty! It was totally embarrassing!
We landed in Nashville and then took the 30 minute drive to Murfreesboro where we are stying for a couple nights with my hubby's Aunt's house. We had a nice visit last night and then this morning we got up and went to church with her. She goes to a large church here in Murfreesboro called World Outreach Church. I gotta say, he was a great speaker and it was SOLID teaching! My hubby's cousins are coming over in a bit for a BBQ. The kids are excited to meet their cousins! It should be fun!
We drove into town today and saw the campus of Middle Tennessee State. It was very pretty and all the old historical homes on main street surrounding the old town square were amazingly beautiful! I hope to post pics ...maybe in a day or two.
I hope to keep ya'll posted on our trip, so keep checking back! least the airport experience allowed me to get a workout in while on vacation!!


  1. Oh my goodness! I am so glad that you realized you had left your camera. Wow! Why didn't Todd go? Wouldn't he have been a little faster? Has chivalry totally died? LOL! Hope y'all have a great trip! Love ya

  2. Todd's knee has been bugging him. He would've been slower!

  3. I'm so glad you made it back to your plane!!! That sounds stressful!

    When I was flying to Chicago, I had to run to get to my flight too! I didn't forget anything, we left PDX late and everyone was on the flight to Chicago and my friend was waiting for me outside making sure they didn't leave without me!!! So crazy!!! Glad you made it and are having a great time! Say HEY to all the cousins for me!

  4. oh my word, so glad you got your camera!! that would not have been a good way to start a vacation.

  5. wowza! glad you retrieved your camera. i would have risked missing the flight for that too!

    can't wait to see what TN looks like. never been there.
    have a wonderful time!

  6. hope your trip is a lot of fun! so glad you realized about your camera before getting on the next plane!


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