Sunday, October 5, 2008

She's gonna be famous...

Ok, I'm gonna brag on one of my family members for just a minute......
This is my cousin Allison (no it's not the Allison listed in my friends list) Isn't she totally gorgeous and adorable!!!
We all think so! These pics don't show it the best, but she has the most amazing blue eyes and the longest real eyelashes you have ever seen. Take a good look at her face because she is gonna be famous someday! She is currently finishing up her senior year of college then in the summer she is off to California to persue her dreams!

A couple years ago an artist was introduced to her and the artist, Margaret Morrison, did a series of paintings using my cousin as a model. I've included the paintings below and then beneath the paintings is part of an article from that gives a brief overview of the artists perspective for the paintings. Margaret Morrison is featured artist at the Woodward Gallery

In contrast, a woman with full waves of golden hair stars in two carnival-themed paintings. In "Girl in White/All American," she smirks over her shoulder, holding eggshell white balloons, a fluffy Mardi Gras-style mask and an opulent feather boa. In spite of her party-ready mood, she stands in front of a ripped tarp that only partially obscures the view of a damaged and foreboding landscape.

We see her again in "Carnival," this time with a jaunty blue and orange party hat and surrounded by balloons, festive flags, and an abandoned bucket ride. Three elephants gamely try to balance on top of each other, but there's no crowd to witness; the carnival tent is in subdued colors of rust and gold, and in absolute tatters. Again, there's the battered, gray and smoking city behind her.

That girl, says Morrison, is America.

The work came from "that crazy year we had when Katrina and the tsunami hit," she says. "I found myself riveted to the television, watching every second of coverage, as well as the war in Iraq.

"As human beings, we are captivated by calamity," she continues. "In a way it's become like a carnival sideshow."

And as for the oblivious girl representing our country, Morrison explains: "We're a little bit removed from what's going on around us ... our party is merrily going on, while the rest of the world - we get from snippets of news - is spinning out of control."


  1. shannon, thank you so much for that blog and believing in me!! it really means so much to me to have the support of my family!! i can't wait to get out there and start living my dream! i love you!

  2. EIGHT, I must say you are one informative young lady, That's great you put the paintings of Alli up they are so totally beautiful. The girl is amazing already. Smart, kind, loving, great cook and yes, very talented. So thanks for sharing. Love you, Alli ---Auntie Joni

  3. Of course we want Alli to pursue her dreams, and act on the "big screen", for so many reasons. One of the least important, but oh so fun reasons, is because then maybe someday....GGW will be in Hollywood. Soon to be known as "Alliwood!" I can feel it in my old, rickety, bones that you are going to do it girl!

  4. I can't wait to "meet" her when she's famous! She's beautiful!

  5. She is very pretty. I can't wait to see on the big screen.


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