Tuesday, July 8, 2008

What’s on my mind today….Well, it’s really not that much of a Tirade today…but here it goes…..

Actually I’m in a pretty good mood today! You would think with VBS I’d be stressed, but I’m not. I’m super excited about planning the Friday Carnival this year. Last year at this time I would’ve Tiraded about the Carnival….so that’s why I’m planning it this year. For the most part I’m a person who likes to live by the code of “If you’re gonna complain then you have to be willing to be a part of the solution!” I realize that sometimes that’s just not possible. But when it is…I try!

I suppose I could Tirade about that…people who only complain but NEVER DO anything about it….oh but then I’d be talking about myself and how I complain about my body but don’t work out and eat like food is going out of style!

Ok, where was I…oh yes, I was in a good mood!

Anyway…I’m excited and I will have to tell you more about the carnival over the weekend. I’ll take lots of pics! It’s gonna be fun!

Ok, so this may change ya’lls opinion about me altogether…but I think ya’ll should know that I watch The BACHELORETTE! Oh my goodness who would’ve thunk that she would’ve ended up with Jesse with the pink shoe laces, and neon splatter painted jacket? But they were the most giddy couple I’ve seen on that show!! And they already set a wedding date! Could there FINALLY be another marriage out of this show after like 8 years or something like that!!! I think the tell tale sign of who she was choosing was when she took Jesse on the romantic private island date and then she took Jason scuba diving with sharks!

Well, I’m feeling like it was kind of a boring Tirade today…OH OH OH! I know….SPAM! Blogger comment SPAM! Oooooh it makes me mad. A few months back I had to add the word verification to my comment form because I would always get one spam comment right away after I would post. I have more than one blog…so it was especially annoying. So, it’s been a few months and I decided to lift the word verification to see if maybe the spammers had given up on my blog since I’d blocked them for so long…..NOT SO MUCH! I posted and IMMEDIATELY got THREE spam comments within like 2 minutes of posting. So now I’m back to the word verification thing again! ANNOYING!

Ok, now I’m done!


  1. I didn't think about the date thing. I was surprised. I thought it would have been Jason all along. Shows what i know...what an intuitive therapist I am.

  2. So glad you're plannin' the carnival. Looking forward to it. Glad you're not stressed. Love me a gal who jumps in and takes charge!

  3. okay, so i haven't been too into the bachelor for the last couple seasons (the girls on the last one made me crazy!)...but this season actually was pretty good. I was totally surprised with jesse but after seeing them on the 'after the final' rose thing...I'm glad they are together...They were so funny and giddy. I'm pathetic! ;)

  4. I tried to go to bed at 9pm last night. I laid there with the TV on thinking 'I'll just watch a few min of this to see if I can tell who she is going to pick' ..of course, I stayed up until 11pm AND was wrong about who she chose! I at first thought she went with Jesse because he was a 'celebrity' or whatever, but then when I watched the after show I was thrilled (and slightly annoyed) to see how giddy in love they are! It was a good end even though it didn't seem like it at beginning...
    Spammers suck. So does junk mail. But then again, so does not getting enough sleep and we know how much I suck at changing that one.

    :) And yes, I do want a blog design...just haven't been able to 'justify' it with what I spend on my farm...I think it's time to get 'fun' with my page though. You can work something up.


  5. I missed last night. Jesse huh....interesting! He was my least favorite, but, it wasn't me on there!!! Thankfully! Spam sucks (both the mail, email & blogger kind but also the eating kind!!!). Thanks for bringing the boys home.

  6. Of all the bachelorette comments I've read so far, you are the first one to mention the tell all sign about the scuba diving!! Good eye! I never thought of that, but you are right!


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